Bitdefender: the importance of a fast reaction

When working with public relations, it is important to always know what is currently up in the media, and always be aware of what the media is interested in at the moment.

When the cyberattack WannaCry targeted a lot of countries around the world in may 12th 2017, we knew that we had to act fast. Since our consultants were stationed in both ends of the country, a strategy was quickly designed through phonecalls and mailing, to find out how to react. Tivoli was made into a temporary work space, when our consultant started calling media in the middle of a family outing. We made sure to get expert statements from senior security-analytic Bogdan Botezatu. Expert statements are often used as a part of news stories, and in this case we had an obvious choice of a qualified expert to offer journalists.

We contacted media, and Ritzau quickly took the story. Their press clipping was later used by many different media; both local, national and tech.

All of this resulted in more than 150 press-clippings in a weekend, in which Bitdefender was mentioned in all of them as part of the expert statements.

The long-term effect of this was visible 2 months later, when the cyberattack Petya hit. The position Bitdefender had gained as a trustworthy expert source resulted in more than 90 press-clippings, and a tv spot in TV2 News.

See an example here.
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