The Danish Veterinary Association

the Danish veterinary association, Strategic Consultancy, Public Affairs Strategy, Communication Strategy, Digital Marketing, Website, Press Releases, Direct Mail

For a number of years Frontpage has provided strategic consultancy for the Danish Veterinary Association, giving strategic advice for the certification of clinics, providing a public affairs strategy and a communication strategy.

The Danish Veterinary Association is the professional organization for the veterinarians’ union and practice owners association.

Based on an English teaching game Frontpage developed a comprehensive communication program that served as digital marketing to children, parents, teachers and veterinarians. The communication program was integrated as website, PR campaign, press releases and direct mail program for veterinarians, schools etc. The program was nominated for the Direct Marketing Award.

Hear more about our collaboration with the Danish Veterinary Association – contact CEO Kirsten Dinesen +45 22 17 03 39