Ice Hockey World Championship 2018




Denmark is hosting the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2018, where the matches will be played in Royal Arena, Copenhagen and in Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning.

After being invited to a competition between pr-agencies under the theme “Superheroes”, Frontpage succeeded and was given the task of designing and implementing a PR-strategy. Frontpage had a clear idea of the task; to increase the Danish public’s knowledge of, and excitement about ice hockey. It’s all happening under the slogan “Ice Hockey should be experienced in reality”.

The strategy is to move ice hockey from the sports-sections and into other medias. That happens, for example, by focusing on the stories about how the danish ice hockey heroes train, how big of an succes Danish ice hockey players are in the european and north-american leagues, and how the Danish Ice Hockey Union has fought to get IIHF World Championships 2018 to be hosted in Denmark, through an amazing program for up-coming ice hockey talents. We’ve arranged pressmeetings, where we’ve told the story of how Danish ice hockey has developed from a niche to one of the bigger teams internationally. All together, we created an understanding of how big an international event IIHF World Championships 2018 is – and how thrilled we should be for the Danish superheroes on the ice.

See an example here.

Hear more about our work with the Ice Hockey World Championsship – contact consultant Simon From-Poulsen +45 30 31 57 62 or email