Financial Services

Frontpage specializes in handling international clients’ PR and social media presence in Denmark and in the Nordic countries. We are recognized as being results driven, with high qualitative and ethical ratings.

We work with clients across the whole financial service industry, ranging from established financial brands to new distributors and players within financial technology (Fintech).

At Frontpage, we are specialists in using digital media platforms for effective investor relations by using a unique database.

We have identified a great potential in combining targeted digital advertising with content marketing and PR for listed companies. One example could be a video interview at the CFO or CEO level when information, e.g. about the release of quarterly accounts, is released at short notice, and if relevant this could be supplemented by additional written material.

What we do

We work with integrated campaigns that include PR, social media, events and promotions, and we handle governmental affairs, investor relations and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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If you need updated information about financial media in Denmark, please contact consultant Thomas Endelt Andersen on +45 50 70 53 34 or