About Frontpage PR & communications

Frontpage PR & Kommunikation

We are an independent PR agency working primarily in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

Frontpage is recognized as a successful, results-driven agency, able to deliver communication of the highest journalistic and ethical quality. We have vast experience working with integrated campaigns that incorporate PR, social media activity and linked events. We also handle PA, Investor Relations and CSR-campaigns. Read more about our services here.

Frontpage’s work methods

Based on our work for international clients, we have developed highly efficient and proven work methods that focus on delivering results by incorporating many elements, including:

  • Objective Key Results (OKR): We set measurable objectives and focus on delivering key results. In this way, we focus on the client’s central messages to achieve the desired level of press coverage, in terms of both quality and quantity.
  • Integrated: We view social media as an integrated part of PR and strive to combine PR with all relevant avenues, including advertising or events.
  • Scalable: We always have an eye on scalability to see if a PR idea is applicable for other media or in other markets.
  • Structured: We adopt a structured approach to our work, including reporting and follow-up; for instance,
    • we use cloud-based solutions and have developed a dashboard that gives the client a quick overview of all the work processes and activities – from idea generation to PR results.
  • Cooperation: We are trained to work via cloud-based tools. This is extremely efficient method and provides for more open and transparent collaboration with our clients.

Frontpage is a long-time member of Danish Association of Public Relations (including the International Communications Consultancy Organisation) and our work is carried out in accordance with the association’s ethical guidelines (in Danish) and generally accepted principles for good lobbyism (in Danish).