Hos Frontpage PR & Kommunikation arbejder vi ud fra dette sæt værdier

At Frontpage, we are specialists in solving customers needs and meeting their challenges. On this page you can read more about the values that we bring into our work.


Many agencies claim that know how to do everything – we are not one of them. We are, however, extremely good at doing what we do. We are skilled in PR and communications and would rather collaborate with other suppliers at a client’s request or find a specialist fit for the job when we feel that is more suitable for the task in hand. Having said that, there are many things that we are better at than others; for instance, we work with language and visualization to perfection. We do not want to blow our own trumpet too much, but from our international clients, we know that we are among one of the best independent PR agencies in Europe.


We find people exciting. Our interest in people and different cultures – and how they interact – is a key part of what drives us the most, both in our work and in our daily lives. We do not have a nicely articulated CSR policy per se, but we try to eat healthy, sort our waste, be happy in our everyday lives and we have a strong belief in treating people and each other with respect. Diversity among employees as well as among clients is inspiring and gives us the ability to see the world through different lenses.


All parties being fully committed is a prerequisite for a successful collaboration. Our natural curiosity makes and keeps us fully engaged in every project we undertake, regardless of the company’s size or the scope of the task. What drives our work is curiosity and ensuring our clients long-term results through trustworthy attention in the media.


It is very important to us that we are seen as a reliable company, one you can trust and who is taken seriously – both among clients and the press. We have built up a solid reputation through delivering high-quality results. We do not blindly rely on the information we receive, and we always approach a task with thorough research and journalistic integrity. We have a journalistic background and follow the mantra that quality and hard work pays off in the form of good results. We ensure that all communication to the press, on social media and towards stakeholders is trustworthy, thereby ensuring our clients are able to handle critical pressure from media and stakeholders, should the need arise.


When communicating with the media and concerned stakeholders, it is always the case that you are engaging in forming relations with the receivers of the communication and should expect a reaction/response. At Frontpage, we create, collect and use our good relations with clients. By adopting a professional and journalistic approach towards communication and PR, we achieve effective dialogue on an eye-to-eye level with everyone, from clients to stakeholders, to experts and journalists. We see all relations as important, including of course, and indeed especially, our relationship with our clients.