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Content marketing has many faces and some of the forms we work with include storytelling, social media campaigns, events and press releases. The distribution channels can also cover social media, newsletters and training programs concurrent with optimization of the company’s online presence through SEO. Companies have always tried to create valuable information for the receiver, but the challenge is to know the target audience and to know what they perceive as being valuable information.

Our starting point is always based on the client’s company messages, strategic objectives and target audience, before assessing the relevant content and most suitable communication channels.

Naturally, we are experts on the main social media platforms, such as Facebook, and are specialists in B2B campaigns on LinkedIn.

For information on how a social media strategy is relevant for your business and which social media may be most relevant for you, please contact CEO Kirsten Dinesen on +45 22 17 03 39 or

Some examples of our content marketing clients include Agria, Ferratum, Ericsson.