Digital marketing & PR

Digital PR - Frontpage PR og kommunikation, København

Digital PR ensures that the company’s messages can be found by the consumers when they search online.

Incredible amounts of perfectly fine PR drown many clicks down on the company’s homepage or in an overlooked corner of the server. This information must get out into the light, because the consumer is in fact looking for it! As for the new media, companies need to get in gear, because the consumers are already out there. Here, digital PR can ensure that a company’s press material doesn’t just gain visibility in the media, but that it gets an even longer life online in searches.

A wise choice for a company could be the use of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to catch and be in dialogue with the consumers. But it’s important to think your presence on social media through – consider which parts are relevant and remember that there are obligations once you’ve chosen to be present. With language as the spearhead, the company’s messages and content are communicated clearly on their websites.

We produce language and structure in a way that sticks in the minds of the target audience and provides the best flow of information. A review and analysis of a website may lead to a re-structuring of building blocks if the site calls for a more user-friendly interface and/or new information architecture. It is important that the user of the site doesn’t have to trawl the site for the necessary information but finds it quickly and without obstacles. This goes for large company websites as well as for campaign sites. Learn more about our work with digital PR here.