Direct marketing

Eye-level communication and direct reply to consumers are of key importance at a time where technology makes it possible and the consumer expects it. Direct mail in the form of letters, e-mails, tweets and the like are important ingredients in a new media reality, booming with unsolicited information. The daily stream of information is so overwhelming, that it’s very difficult to get your message to the right recipients. Therefore, the ability to communicate one-to-one is necessary for a company’s external communication. One-to-one communication via direct mail targets information so that it lands directly in the recipients’ mailbox, be it by postman or by bits.

Frontpage has years of experience in the development of direct mail campaigns, both for relation-building and for sales campaigns and has several nominations for the Direct Marketing Award. More and more communication takes place electronically, but in a digital world it’s important to realise the value of an old-fashioned letter and in that context, the direct mail is a unique tool to create awareness.

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