Investor Relations

Investor relations Frontpage PR og kommunikation, København

Communication that focuses on investor relations can create great value if it reaches professional foreign investors and analysts.

At Frontpage, we are specialists in using digital media platforms for effective investor relations by using a unique data base.

We have identified a great potential in combining targeted digital advertising with content marketing and PR for listed companies. One example could be a video interview at the CFO or CEO level when information, e.g. about the release of quarterly accounts, is released at short notice,  and if relevant this could be supplemented by additional written material.

Giving professional investors such as global investment managers a high degree of knowledge about a company’s stock can increase their confidence in top management and may contribute to increasing the liquidity of the stock shares. To obtain this goal, we help our clients to define a digital advertising strategy, in e.g. social media towards professional investors in relevant markets, to ensure that the content marketing campaign reaches the specific target audience, irrespective of whether the investors have a specific interest in shipping, energy or other sectors. Due to confidential reasons, we are not able to provide case examples in this area.

To learn more about our work with Investor Relations, please contact senior consultant Thomas Pedersen on + 45 60 62 93 90 or