Strategic Communication

Kommunikationsstrategi - frontpage PR og kommunikation, København

A communication strategy is securing a company’s safe navigation in a society where new media challenges consumers as well as businesses on a daily basis.

As most people already know, it can be difficult to navigate and use the media to its full potential. Therefore, companies must choose the correct media mix to reach their business goals. For a company to be able to act strategically in a society and a media landscape under constant change, creative solutions that work across all digital and printed media are necessary. A creative strategy combined with a communication strategy can make a company comfortable with its own attitudes and messages before they are communicated to the outside world.

Frontpage PR and Communication develops communication solutions based on a model developed by Kirsten Dinesen, currently in use at several educational institutions within commercial communication. With a firm grip and thorough insight in integrated communication, Frontpage PR advises on the interaction between traditional advertising campaigns, PR, direct marketing and web-activities, etc., in a combination with web-PR and search. Some products are developed in close cooperation with the customer’s own advertising agency, supplier of print, etc., if that is what’s called for. The agency also works with a number of graphic designers, programmers – all depending on the character and size of the assignment.