About Us

We are an independent PR agency that primarily focuses on Denmark and the Nordic Countries.

Frontpage is recognized as a result-oriented PR and communications agency that delivers communications of the highest journalistic and ethical quality. We work with integrated campaigns that include PR, social media and events. We also handle PA, Investor Relations and CSR campaigns. Read more about our skills here.

Frontpage’s work methods
After many years of experience with national and international customers we have developed a set of effective work methods. The most important keywords in our strategy is:

Objectives and Key Results (OKR):
We are a result-oriented agency that sets concrete goals and focuses on the essential outcomes. That way, we make sure to focus on the customers’ main messages to reach both quality and quantity in regard to media publicity. We call it OKR (Objectives and Key Results).

We see social media as an integrated part of PR and combine PR with advertising or events.

We focus on scalability, e.g. if a PR-idea can be used on more platforms, in other media or in other markets.

We have a structured approach to our work, among other things in regard to reporting and follow-up. We use cloud-based solutions and have developed a dashboard that presents customers with a quick overview of all processes and activities - from idea development to the final result.

We are well versed in using cloud-based tools. They are extremely efficient and provide an open and transparent way of cooperating with our customers.

Frontpage has been a member of the organization Public Relations Branchen in Denmark for many years and follows the industry's ethical standards and principles for good lobbyism.

Wish to know more about who we are as individuals? Find us here.