Strategic PR and

Content Agency

At Frontpage we work with content across all platforms - including those on paper. We make thorough communications strategies and execute them for the right audience.

We help our customers to become their own media.



At Frontpage we are experts in public relations and communication, which today demands a solid strategy, a deep understanding of SEO and insights into the newest trends across all media.

Below, read more about our PR and communication skills. 

PR & Press

At Frontpage you’ll find highly educated and razor-sharp communications specialists with broad insight into all aspects of the business and a thorough understanding of the interaction between traditional and social media.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing can consist of anything from storytelling, newsletters and social media campaigns to events and press releases. All online actions are actively supported with SEO.

Account Based Marketing

ABM is a specialized marketing strategy within B2B, where marketing and sales work together to create value for the company.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is about capturing potential customers’ interest, accelerating their interest in your company and leading them to buy your company’s products and/or services.

Communications Strategy

A changing media scenario demands creative solutions across all platforms - including those on paper. The messages must have to be clear and integrated into the company, before it is presented to the public.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communications is all about handling reputation, precise answers and a competents media performance. Frontpage is ready to handle your communication, when crisis hits.


A couple of our projects. See more cases here.

Agria Animal Insurance

Frontpage har lavet en masse presse for Agria. Fra kampagnen Danmarks Dyrehelte, til artikler i Samvirke.

Bertelsen & Scheving Architects

Frontpage håndterer sociale medier, hjemmeside og PR. Vi har bl.a. udviklet en stærk Instagram.


Vi håndterer strategisk kommunikation og PR i Danmark, bl.a. brug af cases og pressemeddelelser.

Our Clients

PR agencies contribute with content to the media, but it only happens if we, as professionals, deliver material of the highest journalistic quality. That is why it’s important to always be up to date and continually update social media with relevant, surprising and thought-provoking information. Obviously, we cannot share all of our cases and information, but feel free to contact us for further information.