Ferratum, Public Relations, Public Affairs, Press Releases

Ferratum chose Frontpage as their PR agency after an agency competition. Our task is to represent Ferratum in Denmark through strategic public relations and public affairs.

Ferratum is a microloan bank where you can borrow a small amount of money for a short period. The company is created by the Finnish IT contractor Jorma Jokela.

Our first job for Ferratum was to develop a Christmas Present barometer showing how much money the Danes had thought of spending during Christmas. Through a press release and press contact Frontpage got the story placed in selected media and succeeded in many regions. It was relevant consumer content in a lot of media, both Finans.dk and MetroXpress where the Danes were called cheapskates.

Hear more about our collaboration with Ferratum – please contact CEO Kirsten Dinesen on +45 22 17 03 39 or kirsten.dinesen@frontpage.dk.