SEO, or search engine optimization, is basically about presenting your company’s products and services as high up as possible when a user looks for it online. In this way your company’s homepage is presented to as many users as possible when they look for something relevant in relation to your product.

This is done by optimizing your homepage so that the search engine finds it most relevant to show when a user searches for whatever it is your company offers. Hence the name Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When you perform this optimization, the first thing to do is to analyze the page you wish to optimize - pages are worlds apart when it comes to content and target groups. Then you must investigate whether the competition uses SEO and users’ behavior: what do the kinds of users you wish to attract search for? And finally, how does the search engine’s algorithm influence the results that users meet?

In Denmark, SEO is very much about optimizing your company’s homepage in relation to Google as almost all Danes use Google as their search engine.

There are two ways in which you can have your homepage presented at the top of Google’s search results - with paid advertising or with SEO. The difference is that where you continuously pay to have your ads placed at the top of Google’s search page, a thoroughly prepared SEO will make sure that your page is placed at the top of search results organically - also in the long term. However, it takes a while for the effects of the SEO-work to take effect, and increased competition will demand more resources. Therefore it should not always be your top priority to be no. 1, but instead you should aim at being in the top 5. SEO is a long-term investment, not a here-and-now solution.

Over time Google changes its algorithm, users change their behavior and the competition may invest more resources in their own SEO. Therefore it is necessary to monitor and adjust SEO along the way if you observe changes. However, the cost of doing this is relatively modest compared to the price of an advertising campaign.

SEO may sound a bit complicated, but this is where we at Frontpage can help - with our expertise we can base SEO on your company’s targets and analyse the options for creating a campaign that will bring value to your company, both through increased visits by users, but also through the brand awareness and credibility that comes from appearing at the top of search results. On the background of this analysis we can offer to implement the optimal SEO according to your company’s wishes and needs and monitor and adjust the SEO going forward.

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Simon has a Master’s degree in International Business Communication from Copenhagen Business School and possesses an in-depth knowledge of how to synchronize communications with the business objectives of the client. Simon has extensive experience with lead-generation, content marketing etc. and focuses on business development and content marketing.

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